Gynecomastia Surgery

Excess breast tissue in men is rarely a serious health risk, but for many, it’s the cause of embarrassment and lowered self-confidence. In some instances, the underlying cause (hormone imbalances, steroid use, diet, etc.) can be diagnosed and treated, however, more often than not the reason cannot be identified. Non-surgical interventions may be an important step to stop any further progression of tissue enlargement, but that does little or nothing to reduce any excess tissue already present. Gynecomastia surgery addresses the existing tissue, restoring a flat, contoured chest.

The Procedure

Tissue removal techniques vary in detail and need to be tailored to the concerns of each patient. Procedures can range from simple excision of firm glandular tissue under the areola or liposuction of softer fatty tissue to more complex procedures involving removal of excess tissue plus redundant, sagging breast skin. During an extensive consultation, you will discuss the areas of concern and your goals so an individualized plan can be formulated.

Dr. Beck understands that as distressing as enlarged breasts can be, the stigma of scars associated with treatment can be unsettling as well. For this reason, only the most advanced techniques to allow minimally invasive tissue removal, accelerated skin contraction and skin removal are used. Surgery typically takes 1-2 hours depending on the complexity of tissue reduction. After the surgery, you’ll wear a compression garment under your shirt for several weeks with likely return to light exercise fairly quickly. Heavy exercise is generally avoided for 4 to 6 weeks. Following the initial recovery period, you’re back to your regular daily routine, with full results visible after another month or two.

After dealing with the emotional distress associated with gynecomastia, sometimes for years, our patients often report a renewed enthusiasm for life.  With a great new look, in and out of clothes, they feel great about themselves again.

Dr. Beck is a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men.

Gynecomastia Case Studies

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