Facial Contouring

People’s perceptions of dominance, boldness, and strength are strongly influenced by masculine features such as strong cheekbones, a prominent chin, and jawline and uniform facial volume without areas of the hollowness of excess fat. With advanced facial contouring procedures, accentuating these features can be done without going under the knife and with little to no downtime. Masculine features are emphasized for a definitive change, but not too harshly to avoid an unnatural or altered appearance.

The consultation starts with a thorough evaluation of the face including the underlying bone and muscle structures, fat composition and skin quality. After talking about your goals and what can be achieved, a treatment plan is created to contour and highlight the targeted areas of interest. All treatments are performed by Dr. Beck in the office and require little to no downtime. Depending on the procedures performed and the areas addressed, results may be seen immediately or take several weeks for full contouring to develop.

Common office-based treatments include:

  1. Treatment of under-eye hollowness
  2. Strengthening the look of the angle and jawline
  3. Creating a more prominent, squared chin
  4. Reducing fat under the chin, along the neck and jawline
  5. Creating a contoured look of the cheeks to slim the face
  6. Filling temporal hollowness (a telltale sign of early aging)

Non-surgical facial contouring creates a more masculine, healthier, and more energetic appearance without the downtime and the look of having “work done”.

Dr. Beck is a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men.