Chin & Jaw Enhancement

The chin and jaw are the foundation of the face and have a major effect on its balance and harmony. A strong chin and jawline project the strength and confidence crucial in today’s world.

Facial fillers may be used as a non-surgical temporary option, but silicone chin and jaw implants provide more significant lasting results. Implants impart the look and feel of natural bone, and can be customized to add any combination of length, projection, and contour needed to achieve your ideal look.

During your consultation, Dr. Beck performs a comprehensive facial analysis and will discuss the options available to help you reach your goal. Depending on the implants selected, outpatient surgery may be performed under gentle sedation in the office or general anesthesia. Implants are placed beneath muscle through micro-incisions hidden in natural contours of the face. Each implant is secured to the underlying bone to prevent any movement and to allow an earlier return to normal activity.

Results will be immediately apparent with final contour evident once all swelling resolves.

With a square, well-defined jaw and chin you will convey strength and vitality, an important edge in all your endeavors.

Dr. Beck is a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men.

Chin & Jaw Enhancement Case Studies

Chin Augmentation