Growing Trend Of Male Plastic Surgery

Welcome. I have never written a blog before, and I am excited to see how this will take shape over time. I am going into this with no agenda other than keeping everything as free from medical jargon and non-technical as possible. I hope that I can provide a resource that helps inform and educate, but also allows me to provide insight into matters related to plastic surgery (or not) that readers will find interesting.


-Dr. Beck

Male Plastic Surgery

I have been practicing plastic surgery for over a decade and marvel at how advanced our field has become. I am forever thankful to the drive and innovation of the surgeons that have dedicated their lives, creating the tools and techniques I use every day.  However, since women made up the overwhelming majority of clients, these advances were focused and perfected for them. Any men looking to enhance their features or slow down the aging process were, more likely than not, given options that were not tailored to male anatomy and would ultimately fail to meet their goals. And frankly, at the time, few surgeons cared. Their plate was full with young women looking to get larger breasts, middle-aged mothers looking to lose their baby belly and older women turning back the hands of time with a facelift.

The lack of truly excellent results for men and the seeming dismissal of the male physique has bothered me since my training days. Early on in training, I witnessed the lack of dedication to the specific needs of men by my peers. Their rationale followed that of their mentors: Men made up a small percentage of their cosmetic clients and would often hesitate to follow through with any procedures. Yet, as I observed these men come through the clinic and listened to what my colleagues would offer, it became very apparent why men were not embracing the procedures. Simply, they were not getting a plan of action tailored to them.  Men weren’t at all embarrassed to get the procedures, just underwhelmed or turned off by the potential results.

I have devoted a large portion of my time in practice, building the expertise needed to deliver results that accurately define the male physique and meet the goals of today’s man. This dedication is why The Men’s Center for Aesthetics is one of the leading male plastic surgery practices by client volume and satisfaction. This experience has been vastly beneficial as the number of men looking to get both surgical and non-surgical procedures has rapidly increased over the past ten years.

As expected, this increase in male procedures has not gone unnoticed by plastic surgeons and medical companies looking to expand their sales. A good number of plastic surgeons (and non-board certified “cosmetic surgeons”) now place a link on their website offering a limited scope of male procedures. The pressure for a plastic surgeon to capture the male market is only made more urgent by multi-million dollar “Men centered” advertising campaigns and direct to physician promotions created by medical companies looking to increase their bottom line.

Awareness to the aesthetic needs of men is always a good thing, but a surgeon jumping on a bandwagon without the proper background and experience in male aesthetic procedures is a disservice to the patients entrusting us with their care. To that end, and as part of my commitment to the field, I maintain an active schedule as an invited lecturer and consultant to educate and share my experiences on the specific needs and approaches to male plastic surgery.

Having elective surgery, no matter what the procedure, is a big deal. Your surgeon needs to be experienced, have their aesthetic ideals in line with yours, and be someone you trust as a partner in your care long after the procedure is done. Given the relatively small number of plastic surgeons truly specializing in male plastic surgery, this should never be a compromise. In talking with these colleagues, I find the most satisfied patients are the ones that treated finding their surgeon exactly like shopping for a rare sports car. They understood that you might have to travel, kick a few tires, look past a shiny exterior and be willing to pay to acquire what you’re looking for exactly. However, when you get to enjoy the final results of your search, there is no question why it was worth the extra effort.

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