Bicep Augmentation

The bicep muscles are designed for strength and power movements, but let’s face it- in reality, genetics often don’t allow the work we do to translate into the look we desire. Many men put in a huge effort for disappointing results.  If you are yearning for a sculpted, lean and muscular look with arms that stand out in a crowd, bicep augmentation surgery can make that happen.

What Are Bicep Implants?

Bicep implants are made of biologically inert, medical grade silicone. Each implant is produced as a solid piece with specific dimensions and an appropriate level of firmness to mimic your muscle and achieve your targeted look. The implants are flexible and will mimic your muscle movements and since they are not a liquid or gel, there is no danger of rupture with leak or deflation.

Bicep Augmentation Surgery

When it comes to bicep augmentation surgery, there are numerous factors in implant selection, your baseline physique, and overall goals that must be considered to achieve a noticeable but absolutely natural look. Dr. Beck begins with a detailed consultation regarding your overall fitness lifestyle, body type, proportions, and your desired results.  Once all factors have been evaluated, Dr. Beck proceeds with a carefully selected pre-formed implant or one custom made specifically for you.   His surgical and aesthetic skills work together for those natural looking results, blending with your own proportions and contours.

Bicep implant surgery typically takes about 2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The implants are placed under your existing muscle through a small incision hidden in the armpit crease. Since the implant is under the muscle, the feel of an augmented bicep is similar to that of a natural muscle after a good arm workout at the gym. To ensure proper positioning of the implants, repetitive arm movements are limited and a compression garment is worn under clothing for several weeks. With gentle exercise, clearance for return to normal activities is approximately 6 weeks.

In certain instances, bicep implants are used in upper arm reconstruction to correct congenital or acquired (trauma, cancer) defects and restore the balance between the left and right arm. In these specific cases, bicep implants improve or recreate the contour, thickness, and bulk of bicep muscles.  Because these types of cases are more involved and tailored to the specific needs of the situation, procedure and recovery times will vary.

Ready to finally have the bicep muscle mass and definition you’ve been struggling for?  Bicep augmentation can provide lifetime results of an enhanced, more proportioned build that boosts your overall confidence.

Dr. Beck is a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men.